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You've probably heard rumors, so heres what's happening with Patt... (as in Patt@Moparfest)

Show date: August 20 & 21, 2016

We have a Mopar lover looking for a car:
1969 1/2 Superbee M code - please let us know if you have any information or know of someone selling one
Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 36th annual Moparfest!
We had a hot but successful weekend!


Saturday August 15 Winner List

Engine Blow – Mercury Mariner with 184,342km
Official engine blow time: 11:56
1. 11:56 – Angela Josse
2. 11:55 – Lance Valcourt
3. 11:54 – Jim Godfrey

K&K Free bike draw for kids 12 & under
Ticket #319667 – Shawn

50/50 Draw - $5,288.00 – ticket #00688 –Brenda Brown

10 names for $5,000 Mopar Money – open to all registered vehicles on the show field
1. #0627 with a 2009 Dodge Challenger – Jarrett McIntyre from London ON
2. #0679 with a 2007 Dodge Magnum RT – Richard Munding
3. #0501 with a 1966 Chrysler Newport – Michael Kirovac from Waterdown ON
4. #0093 with a 2010 Dodge Challenger – Clayton McPhee from London ON
5. #0493 with a 1983 Dodge Rampage – David Degelman from Cambridge ON
6. #1980 with a 1978 Dodge Magnum – Jim Cayer from Val Caron ON
7. #1300 with a 1988 Dodge Diplomat – Michael Csaba from Guelph ON
8. #0329 with a 1971 Plymouth Cuda – Roger Brands from Grandville Michigan
9. #0733 with a 1972 Plymouth Duster – Bruce Baum from St. Catharines ON
10. #0286 with a 1973 Dodge Challenger – Paul Panas from Sudbury ON

Winner: #1980 with a 1978 Dodge Magnum – Jim Cayer from Val Caron ON

Sunday August 16 winner list

Engine Blow – Chevy Cavaleir with 209,000km
Official engine blow time: 33:41
1. 33:41 – Scott Etherington
2. 33:40 – Mike Glousher
3. 33:39 – Cathy Ransan

K&K Free bike draw for kids 12 & under
Ticket #319731 - Hayden

50/50 Draw - $6,380.00 – ticket #9865 – Phil Halerwich

Free toolbox draw: V. Sowa & Ken Schatz

Free Broil King BBQ draw: Kurt Gough from Stratford

Canadian long distance award: #0256 - Chris West from Victoria BC who travelled 2,546 miles / 1 day 20 hours
USA long distance award: #601 – David & Cathy Coad from Broken Arrow Oklahoma who travelled 1,086 miles / 16 hours, 18 minutes

New Hamburg Optimist Club’s 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker Edition
Ticket #01521 – Darren Culbert from Goderich ON

10 names for the 1966 Plymouth Barracuda – open to all vehicles pre-registered before July 1, 2015 that are 1990 or older

1. #0681 with a 1987 Shelby Lancer – Helder Martins from Ottawa ON
2. #0218 with a 1969 Dodge Charger – Andrew Thornhill from Freelton ON
3. #0240 with a 1974 Dodge Charger – Dave Mann from Listowel ON
4. #0260 with a 1988 Shelby Daytona – Steven Fong from Mississauga ON
5. #0401 with a 1985 Daytona – Roy Steinberg from Rockwood ON
6. #0396 with a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda – Paul Lopes from Kitchener ON
7. #0464 with a 1964 Dodge Polara – Adam Koebel from Gorrie ON
8. #0526 with a 1959 Dodge Desoto – Ralph Keith from Mississauga ON
9. #0824 with a 1982 Dodge Rampage – Jeff Somers from Mayo QC
10. #0906 with a 1982 Dodge Mirada – Doug Mann from Gorrie ON

Winner: #0906 with a 1982 Dodge Mirada – Doug Mann from Gorrie ON

Help us improve Moparfest!
Fill in the questionare and we can see what need improvements and what we are doing right.
We appreciate your help with this. It shouldn't take long.
2014 Photos and videos


You can now pre register your vehicle for 2014 online
We would like to share some facts and figures from 2014’s show:
There were 1,629 registered vehicles.  Approximately 21,100 people attended Moparfest over the weekend.  The funds raised went to 16 different Youth Work and Community Groups, all of which are non-profit groups and organizations. A record amount of funds, reaching $162,970.00 went to these groups. We have now donated a total of $2.76 Million dollars back to the local community.
We attribute the fantastic attendance to the die hard Mopar lovers, and the excellent weather on Sunday.

Moparfest is proud to present...

John Petrie's Canadian Drag Racing Team

John Petrie
Hi Folks, it’s time to get ready for a little bit of Nostalgia from the past. My team and I are preparing two fun filled days of Super Car Clinic Nostalgia on Saturday August 15th and Sunday August 16th at MOPAR Fest 36.
The Super Car Clinics will commence at 1:00 pm in the arena followed by a Tech corner with special guests to answer all your questions related not only to the oldies but current MOPAR products.
The countdown is on to MOPAR 36. Please join the MOPAR Fest Crew and the John Petrie Racing Crew in making this the best FEST ever.
-John Petrie

Mr Norm comes to Moparfest 2014

LIVE BAND for Moparfest 2015: Hillbrook Connection from New Hamburg!
Moparfest Band - HillBrook Connection

Back again in 2015 - Great Lakes Helicopter is offering helicopter rides! See Moparfest from above and spot your vehicle!
Helicopter rides will be from 8am-5pm both Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting)
Located across the road from the FREE spectator parking at the Wilmot Rec Complex
Cost will be $50 per person, or 3 people for $120

Great Lakes Helicopter Rides

Dukes of Hazzard at Moparfest

2015 Moparfest's pre-registration prize
see more pics

1966 Plymouth Barracuda

1966 Plymouth Barracuda 2 Dr. Hardtop
273 cu in High Performance 4 Barrel Carburetor, 4 Speed Manual
There were 21,523 V8 Barracudas built in 1966. 3,107 came with 4 barrel 4 speed transmissions.
A beautiful rust free Texas car that was brought to Canada in the late 1990’s.

Regarding the newer vehicles: Due to space and parking issues we have put into place a new car policy effective May 1st 2013.
please read more

All new cars, trucks etc. (year 2000 and newer) must be preregistered.
We are limiting the number of new vehicles to a maximum of 200.
Do not show up with a new vehicle without pre registering in advance.

We will be putting out an e-newsletter 4 times a year. If your not on the mailing list and would like to be please add your name here.
Please take note:
We WILL NOT allow any animals on the grounds for the weekend of Moparfest
This was written by one of our volunteers who had to get rabies shots right after Moparfest 2011. He was directing traffic out on the road for us. 
"This was an attempt at having me for lunch yesterday for a lovely chocolate Lab dog at Peel and Bleams.
Completely unprovoked as I was holding traffic back so the owners could cross Peel Street.
Two people, walking two dogs on leashes. One came around the back of the other and just jumped and grabbed! 
I expect it didn't like my safety vest - tore it right off and put a hole in my committee member shirt too!
If this isn't enough of a reason to keep dogs away, just imagine if it were a child!!
It always surprises me the arguments and grunting we get from people that want to bring dogs to the event - not just ours, but any event of this size and intensity! Don't ever give in to letting dogs attend."
Please do not waste your money. If you bring an animal you will be asked to leave immediately.
Phone: 519-342-1284
Mailing address: 57 Pinehurst Cres.,
Kitchener Ontario N2N 1E3
Showgrounds: 251 Jacob St.
New Hamburg Ontario Canada
Date: Always the 3rd weekend in August.
Show date
The Local Dodge Dealers that Support Moparfest
Galt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd, Cambridge Ontario 519-650-2440
AllRoads Dodge Chrysler Jeep, St. Marys Ontario 519-284-3308
Wellington Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Guelph Ontario 519-822-8950
Bustard Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Waterloo Ontario 519-884-5888
Woodstock Chrysler Sales, Woodstock Ontario 519-537-6254
Dean Meyers Chrysler Jeep, Waterloo Ontario 519-743-0300
Mike Yarek Dodge Chrysler Ltd, Paris Ontario 519-442-3660
Haffner Motors Ltd, New Hamburg Ontario 519-662-1063
Arthur Chrysler Dodge Ltd, Arthur Ontario 519-848-2016
Wendell Motor Sales, Kitchener Ontario 519-893-1501
Voisin Chrysler Ltd, Elmira Ontario 519-669-2831
Howes & Reeves, Fergus Ontario 519-843-1035
Dealer logos

Sponsor logos



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